4 Keys to Beautiful Skin

Skincare with Natural Ingredients

・Contains 7 types of plant extracts, which are all sourced from organic ingredients grown in Japan.
Those organic plants that grew in the vastness of nature are packed full of nutrition and energy.
The blessings of nature will be absorbed through your skin and enrich your heart.
・We take great care of choosing the water that makes up a considerable percentage of our skincare products’ ingredients. Organic water we use, which is extracted from tankan citrus fruit, is attracting attention for the way it leaves the skin feeling soft. We also use water from the natural hot springs in Japan.
Carefully selected ingredients will help moisturize your skin, leaving it plump and healthy.

Thoughtful Formula

Our skin condition links to our heart strongly and can be affected by the status of one’s mind.
That is why we make products that are gentle on your skin, enabling you to enjoy skincare routine everyday.
・Ingredients that place a burden on your skin*1 are kept to the bare minimum.
・Stinging tests have been performed and confirmed.
*1 Some people may still experience some irritation.

Free From 6 Additives

Free of parabens, alcohol (ethanol)*2, silicon, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic colorings.
*2 “Alcohol-free” refers to being free of ethanol.
Mild Acidity
The mild acidity regulates the pH of the skin and keeps it in a balanced condition.

A Calming Aroma Fragrance

・Contains organic geranium essential oil*1 that is known to be affective for health and beauty. This oil features a slightly
sweet fragrance and some freshness, distinctive to a combination of roses and mint.
・The calming scent gently supports your daily skincare time to be more enjoyable.
*1 Pelargonium graveolent oil (fragrance)

Supports Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) that enhance the skin’s inherent power

・NMF is a moisturizing component that our skin already obtains when we are born.
When NMF functions properly, the balance of moisture and oil in the skin is maintained, and it enables the skin to stay soft and moisturized.
・The contained serine and hyaluronic acid approaches the NMF and will make your skin appear healthy and hydrated.


Botanical Cleansing Oil/Face Whip

Cleansing Oil/Face Wash
Facial Cleansing
¥1,400 each (excluding tax)

Botanical Cleansing Oil/Face Whip

Botanical Water/Milk [Moist Rich]

Lotion [Moist Rich]/Emulsion [Moist Rich]
¥1,500 each (excluding tax)

Botanical Water/Milk [Moist Rich]

Botanical Water/Milk [Moist]

Lotion [Moist]/Emulsion [Moist]
¥1,500 each (excluding tax)

Botanical Water/Milk [Moist]